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Africa’s Recruitment Paradox.

The Problem -
Despite the existence of almost 2.5 million early career job vacancies that go unfilled each year, the African Development Bank reports that 2 out of every 3 African graduates remain unemployed even 6 months after graduating. This recruitment paradox is evident in labour markets throughout Africa and reflects the continent’s ever-increasing “skills gap”—or, the rift that exists between the skills acquired in the university by graduates and those actually sought out by employers in the job market. Meanwhile, 55% of business leaders across Africa indicate challenges in identifying smart, timely and cost-effective tools to navigate learning and local talent pools in countries of operation.

The Solution -
Slatecube is a technology company that develops AI-powered SaaS (Software-as-a-service) platforms for learning and workforce development. Governments, social impact organizations, and businesses leverage our cutting-edge digital platforms to build or run their learning and workforce development activities.

Our solutions include the following;
1. Accelerate™ — Early Career up-skilling and jobs platform for students and job seekers.
2. Workforce™ — Create AI powered early-career recruiting programs.
3. Learna™ — Easy-to-use tools for creating and delivering expert masterclasses online.
3. Goal8™ — For governments and organizations solving unemployment.
4. Outsourcing™ — Managed and decentralized remote teams for businesses of all sizes.

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Early career up-skilling and jobs platform for students and job seekers.

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The smartest way for businesses to run early-career recruiting programs.

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Tools to create & deliver expert masterclasses online.

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Warren Hero

CIO, Webber Wentzel (SA)

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Jamie Martin

Founder, Injini (SA)

Garikai Matambo

Ops Lead TMT, Deliotte Global

Rebecca Enonchong

CEO, AppsTech (USA)

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