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Are you struggling to start your career? You're not alone. As more and more people enter into the job market, recruiters are actively seeking innovative ways to find top talent. We are here to help prepare and connect you to your dream job.

A better shot at the

career of your dreams .

Recruiters partner with Slatecube Accelerate to create intelligent recruitment pipelines that first prepare students, graduates and early career professionals with in-demand skills, and subsequently recruit them into companies purely based on merit.


1. Project-based Courses

Our online programs come with practical scenerios to help you better appreciate abstract concepts and build a portfolio of projects you can subsequently share with recruiters.

2. Streamlined Process

The Accelerate User Journey has been optimized using artificial intelligence to help you go from building job-relevant skills into starting your professional career.

3. Multiple Career Options

Explore internship opportunities and entry-level roles at leading organizations around the world. We help you start your career in leading companies across several industries.

4. Personalized Opportunities

Accelerate affords individuals the ability to pursue any career opportunity they may be interested in so long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Accelerate is the fastest way to
start your career .

Here's how it works :

1. Get up-skilled .

To get hired on Slatecube, companies require that you successfully enroll and complete a set of online courses. Each course adds certain skills to your profile. The better your score in each course, the more likely you are to get hired.

2. Complete assessments .

After completing any course on Slatecube, you will be given scenrio-based assessment questions which make up the verification and assessment phase of your user journey. We may also ask for your academic transcripts and statements.

3. Get employed .

Upon completing the Accelerate™ user journey, our machine learning algorithms suggest and rank you to employers based on your performance and acquired skills. We use predictive analytics to better develop your profile until you get hired.

My Accelerate Success Story.

"Accelerate helped me transition from an enthusiast to a full-fledged developer within 3 months. I am now actively reviewing offers from top tech companies across the continent"

Folarin Olabinri, Full Stack Developer,

Explore career opportunities on
Slatecube Accelerate .

What you can expect.

Access Top Graduate Recruitment Programs .

Leading companies trust their graduate recruitment process to Slatecube. With Accelerate, you can find and build the skills these companies care about.

Join Internship Programs .

Find hundreds of top internship and fellowship oportunities tailored to your skillset. You can also build skills that better prepare you for future opportunities.

Explore Campus Representative and Student Ambassadorship Opportunities .

Organizations are always looking to have and maintain strong presence in tertiary institutions. Accelerate helps you prepare and discover campus representative opportunities.


Accelerate is designed to help early career talent build job relevant skills and automatically get integrated into the workforce. Let us help you get your dream job today.

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Recruiters partner with Slatecube to create intelligent recruitment pipelines that first prepare you with in-demand skills, and subsequently suggests you for opportunities — purely based on your performance.

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